The Team

A legacy of design mastery

When Effie began Effie Noren Graphics in her home in 1974, she had no idea the business would become her legacy. With determination, a strong work ethic and incredible competence, Effie grew the business gaining satisfied customers and lasting relationships. Effie’s daughter, Valerie, was drawn to the industry and soon became Effie’s apprentice and protégé. 

Each time the graphics industry evolved, Effie and Val embraced the newest technologies and equipment. One client at a time the company grew to become a true cornerstone in the graphics community and that standing has never changed. When Effie retired in 2005, Val was a ready leader.

Val, Laura and Tracy have worked together for over 20 years and are the team that has mastered Font, Film and Design. In 2009, Val renamed the company from Effie Noren Graphics to Effie Noren – embracing their history while looking enthusiastically to the future.

Follow our timeline to watch the legacy unfold.


  • United States Government Printing Office Level II Graphic Designer
  • DBE Certified for Graphic Design and Printing – Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • SOWMBA Certified for Graphic Design and Printing – Commonwealth of Massachusetts


  • Builders Association of Greater Boston

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