Masters of Font

Effie Noren knows fonts

In visual communication, when we ask, “How will you represent your brand?” the answer is frequently with the font.

Fonts bring out the unique character of a brand. Each has special qualities, speaking its own language. Fonts have families and just like relatives, each one presents its own personality. So, how do you want your brand to be recognized: Bold and powerful? Gentle and warm? Fresh and youthful?

Each font says something distinctive and Effie Noren makes sure yours is speaking your language and talking to your audience.

Effie Noren knows the idiosyncrasies of fonts. We understand how fonts can strengthen the branding of a range of collateral, harmoniously and cohesively.

And then there’s “type”

Often there’s a need for good, old-fashioned typesetting. Effie Noren prepares well-organized, user-friendly forms, labels, business cards for an entire company or team, updated letterheads – anything really. When they’re sent off to press, they are functional, in the right file format and created in the appropriate software eliminating issues on the print side. Printers are always happy when they receive an Effie Noren file.

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